Implement trusted technologies to fulfill unique business needs.



Detailed understanding of Linux and BSD Operating Systems, network services and security. Includes Red Hat, Debian, FreeBSD (and variants).


Develop and deliver professional training material and documentation for Linux, PHP and MySQL.

Project Management

Ability to lead and manage technical and non-technical projects in team and independent situations.


  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • SaltStack
  • SMTP
  • HAProxy
  • git
  • BIND
  • DHCP
  • Apache
  • nginx
  • HubbleStack
  • NTP


Adobe Systems

Computer Scientist / Automation Architect - Adobe Compute Platform Services


Adobe "Salt Master"
Created HubbleStack: Open Source Security Metrics.

Adobe Systems

System Administrator - Adobe Analytics


Maintain servers across a dozen datacenters globally.
Maintain custom-built kernel tuned for performance and stability.
Support SMTP, DHCP, NTP, and internal-CDN services.
Support worldwide IP Anycast DNS solutions.

Beyond Oblivion

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


Work on Cloud Infrastructure team for Beyond Oblivion streaming music service.
Designed HA infrastructure with load balancing and SSL termination solutions.
Work closely with QA to validate and improve service performance.
Maintain 600TB distributed filesystem using MooseFS.
Migrated remote execution and state management solution from Puppet to Salt Stack.

University of Utah

Instructor - Technology Education / School of Computing


Teach Enterprise Linux Network Services, Security and Troubleshooting.
Teach fundamentals of web-programming with PHP Level 1 and Level 2.
Teach fundamentals of database use and design with MySQL Level 1 and Level 2.
Teach fundamentals of database driven websites combined technologies crash-course.
Teach fundamentals of jQuery, Level 1.
Authored or contributed to all class course material.

The GNOME Foundation

System Administrator


Maintain infrastructure for GNOME Desktop Environment and related projects.
Act as point of contact between Sysadmin team and development projects.
Manage project timelines, goals and requirements with volunteers Sysadmins.
Write and maintain puppet modules for configuration management.
Additional responsibilities include accounts management, mailing lists, web, email, DNS, etc.

Partnet, Inc.

System Administrator


Deploy, secure, and maintain Red Hat, CentOS and FreeBSD servers in support of the Department of Defense EMALL application.
Design and maintain internal infrastructure supporting application development.
Research new technologies to improve internal efficiency and standardization.
Maintain IT Level-1 Department of Defense Clearance (top-secret).

Guru Labs

Linux Instructor


Teach Linux Fundamentals, Administration, Network Services and Security.
Write and test course content including lecture, technology demonstrations and hands-on labs.
Deliver certification exams for Red Hat Certified Technicians (RHCT)
Deliver certification exams for Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE).

Community Contributions

HubbleStack Creator

2015 — current

FreeBSD port maintainer

2010 — current

Ubuntu Utah Community Team Founder / Team Lead

2005 — 2011

Ubuntu US Community Teams Mentor

2006 — 2008

Ubuntu Developer Summit — 2007

Canonical Sponsored Community Representative


OpenWest 2017

Linux Security & Compliance Auditing with HubbleStack

SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) — 2017

Linux Security & Compliance Auditing with HubbleStack

SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) — 2016

Ops tools for hardening your infrastructure

SaltConf — 2014

SaltStack for LAMP stack deployment lab

SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) — 2013

Automated Cloud Provisioning with Salt Cloud

SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) — 2012

Salt: Remote Execution and Configuration Management

SCALE (Southern California Linux Expo) — 2011

OS Level Virtualization : FreeBSD Jails

Utah Open Source Conference — 2010

OS Level Virtualization : FreeBSD Jails

Utah Open Source Conference — 2009

10 Required Sysadmin Tools

Unleashing GNOME Config: Scripted UI Customization

O'Reilly's OSCON — 2008

Ubuntu LTS : Using Ubuntu in the Enterprise

Utah Open Source Conference — 2008

Ubuntu LTS : Using Ubuntu in the Enterprise

Ubuntu Live / OSCON — 2007

The Ubuntu Community

Utah Open Source Conference — 2007

The Ubuntu Community


SaltStack Certified Engineer

SSC ID: 0x4169B221 (ssc.saltstack.com)

Red Hat SELinux Policy Administration


Red Hat Certified Engineer


Red Hat Certified Technician



Technology Instructor - University of Utah

Christer is an excellent instructor. He not only works well with the staff when preparing for his classes, but he thinks beyond the obvious to bring novel and highly effective solutions to any problems that arise. He is also flexible, willing to work with his students to be sure they have the best experience in the class possible.

- Jeremy Robb, Technology Instructor, University of Utah

Systems Engineer - Partnet, Inc.

I've had the opportunity to work with Christer twice. Once when we were both working at Guru Labs and then again when the project I was assigned at NexOne included working with Partnet. I have been very impressed with his talents and the work he does. I found him to be an honest, no-nonsense, straight forward, get the job done sort of person which is I consider a positive quality to have in an IT environment. Christer also has takes a great interest in his field (Linux, System Administration, etc.) outside of work, and he actively participates in local and worldwide communities..

- Jacob Albretsen, Senior Linux Systems Engineer, NexOne

Linux Instructor - Guru Labs

Christer is a dedicated, hard-working and loyal colleague. I value his opinion when I ask. He provides timely and useful answers with research and results to back up his claims. Christer provides a very good vibe around the office and with our other colleagues. He's always positive and interested in helping those around him succeed, no matter what the subject. He dedicates much of his personal time to making sure those who are interested have the knowledge he knows he can provide. Christer is an excellent instructor in my experience.

- Clint Savage, Instructor / Guru, Guru Labs, L.C.